Fatal Kombat

Fatal Kombat is a fan-made, “sequel” to the popular Mortal Kombat series of games. The game features nice 3d pre-rendered graphics, fun fighting against an AI opponent, and a re-creation of The Pit level from MK in full 3d glory, with a funny parody at the bottom of The Pit.

We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it! It’s just a fun, quick little game that will remind you of the MK series. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed it, and if you like, leave us a wishlist of features, what would you like integrated into the game ? Lightsaber fighting is coming soon…

We could expand this game to be something much better / cooler / longer if there’s interest! 😉

{“A”: “Kick”, “Down+S”: “Uppercut”, “fire”: “na”, “jump”: “na”, “S”: “Punch”, “Down+Left+S”: “Hadouken”, “movement”: “arrow”}