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NO IMAGE Puzzles

Laloo Ki Laadli

It's Laadli's wedding day. But Laloo is handcuffed with the wedding day hassles. He needs someone to help him on the wed...
NO IMAGE Adventure


Travel back in time, to the Vedic Age to help Swami Vishwamitra focus and meditate. Save him from the hurdles being rain...

Cheenti City

Ever though about plunging into the ant's world? Here's your chance to game like a mighty ant.Let's see how good are you...
NO IMAGE Driving

Fast N Furious

Cops are after Saurabh. He is driving fast for his life. Guide him to dodge the pesky cops. It sounds a bit anti law but...
NO IMAGE Adventure

Mission IIM

Now it's your turn to get into the envious zone of IIM. Clear all levels and reach for the level based IIM gates. Only s...
NO IMAGE Adventure


Experts say that UPA Government is about to fall. It won't succeed in vote of confidence. Now, UPA government needs your...
NO IMAGE Adventure

Krishna Leela

Come, be a part of Janmashtami's 'Matki-Phod' ritual in Krishna Leela.. Don't think that it's gonna be really easy as on...
NO IMAGE Puzzles

Laadli’s Honeymoon Secrets

Laadli has finally got married with much pomp and show! Now its time to make her marital abode spicier!! Take on Laali's...