Two Players

NO IMAGE Education

Plants and Animals Quiz

This quiz assesses your understanding of plant and animal life cycles. There are 20 different questions in this game. Y...
NO IMAGE Board Game

Space Ping

Play ping on space, let's see how high you are? Ping challenge with friends. Player 1: use "A" and "Z", Player 2: "Up an...
NO IMAGE Board Game


Clasic Reversi game with 2 difficulty levels to choose and color pick option Game fully controllable by mouse Rules can ...

Flashfooty Hockey

Fast and simple ice hockey game. Play it alone or agains your friend. Use arrow keys or WASD keys to move your player, a...
NO IMAGE Board Game

Quintarow Online

Quintarow Online is a multiplayer competitive online game by Cranktrain, where you attempt to outwit other players and b...
NO IMAGE Board Game


Chess Game for two players taking turns Regular chess rules {"fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"}
NO IMAGE Driving


Challenge your buddy in this simple to control top down racer with three different tracks. Accelerate the two cars with ...
NO IMAGE Driving

Mountain View Racer

Race against the computer or against a friend on the twisty mountain roads. Use the arrow keys to steer the car. {"fire...
NO IMAGE Adventure

Gold Rush

They find gold in the mountains. Oh really, lets run and digg more then the other. Travel through all mines and collect ...

Battle Hawks – for 2 players

2 players head to head. Choose an arena and dog-fight to the death. May the best fighter win. player 1 - arrow keys +...