TAOFEWA – Knight of Fire – Hero Creator

Create your very own Manga hero by upgrading and changing the Knight of Fire character from the TAOFEWA manga universe. The TAOFEWA Knight of Fire has a unique magical fiery armor and is very strong with fire magic. Use the TAOFEWA – Knight of Fire – Hero Creator game to make your own version of the Knight of Fire. You can select from several different weapons in several categories, – and even give the TAOFEWA Knight of Fire mystical watery tentacles, a shield of dust, demon-like bat wings or a fiery barrier of fire!
Click on the weapon, ability or wing you want to use.
Click on the scene you want to use
Click on the body mutation you want to apply
Click twice on an ability, wing or weapon to remove it again.

{“fire”: “na”, “jump”: “na”, “movement”: “na”}